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Condominium Conversion:
Tenancy-in-Common and Condominium Conversion Financing

Whether you are just starting your Tenancy-in-Common financing or are near the end of your condominium conversion, I am the Mortgage Broker with the experience that can successfully handle your transaction. Just like there are many nuances to purchasing multiple units and then going through the condo conversion process, there are many nuances to the financing involved. For instance, do you know why:

  • ...you should get an adjustable loan and with the right lender so that "borrower substitution" will allow you to replica watches replace an original buyer without refinancing the entire property?
  • ...you should pick a lender who is familiar with condominium conversions and will eventually sign off on conversion maps without charging you an arm and a leg?
  • ...you may or may not be able to get cash out when you refinance?
  • ...you and your Tenancy In Common partners have to coordinate the closing of your individual loans with the lender, the title company, and the county recorders office, so that you all close on the same day?
  • ...your CC&Rs may have to contain arbitration clauses?
  • ...in some instances you will have to incorporate the homeowners associations, while in other cases it is not necessary?
  • ...your taxes will be separate from your partners taxes?
  • ...you will have to change the nature of your insurance coverage?

Thankfully for you, I have successfully handled these and other issues for my condo-conversion clients. Please call me now to discuss your unique circumstances. I guarantee it will be a call that will save you time, money and needless hassles.

Recent Condo Conversion Successes!

3920 20th Street .... Financed one loan in a two unit conversion.

231-233 Clinton Park .... Financed both loans in a two unit conversion.

146-A Belvedere St. .... Financed one loan in a three unit conversion.

284 24th Avenue .... Financed one loan in a two unit conversion.

206-208 Clipper St...... Financed both loans in a two unit conversion.

3191 California St...... Financed one loan in a six unit conversion.

3460 Pierce St..... Financed one loan in a two unit conversion

72-74 Lynch St..... Financed both loans in a two unit conversion.

1260 Haight Street, Units 3, 4, and 5... Financed three loans in a six unit conversion. ".....As we got closer to the completion of the condo conversion process, we had Ader come in and address our group. I was very impressed with his knowledge and experience in the financing and refinancing of multi unit buildings in the condo conversion process. From the beginning he was very forth right, honest, and open about what would be involved, the possible complications, and he conducted himself in a very professional and courteous manner. In essence, Ader guided us through the process and made sure that when something needed to get done, it got done in a timely fashion. There were times during our building refi where Ader's ability to maintain a calm and professional demeanor was a big benefit to the process moving forward. I would strongly recommend using Ader's services particularly for individuals in the tenancy-in-common and the condo conversion process."

1883 Vallejo and 2552 Octavia..... Financed two loans in a six unit conversion. "Dear Ader, Now that we have successfully replica watches uk completed the condominium conversion of our six unit building at 2522 Octavia Street, I would like to thank and congratulate you for the very excellent work you did for us. You arranged financing for two of the condominium units, but your most valuable contribution was your meeting with the co-owners to advise us as to the financial alternatives available in the marketplace. Excellent work. We look forward to working with you on our next project."

571-573 Liberty Street... Financed both loans in a two unit conversion

30 Sanchez Street.. Financed one loan in a two unit conversion

247 Duncan Street.. Financed one loan in a two unit conversion

For the latest legal information on Condominium Conversion and Tenancy-In-Common
from a respected San Francisco law firm, please click here www.andysirkin.com and www.g3mh.com.
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